Remembering The Past To (hopefully) Move On

Hello denizens of teh InterWeb, I suppose I should introduce myself… though that would imply I might have readers in the future. Anyway, my name is The Frankman; not hard to remember since I really only use that name for any website I sign onto. I’m a resident of the elusive 18-34 demo networks covet and I’m from that state Alicia Keys sung about (the Jay-Z track was good too). Why am I bothering to post any of this stuff? Well that’s a good question…

Binary Culture ... is that a joystick or someone pressing a power button?

About 5 months ago I found my old multimedia project in college, a blog we had to customize and write a piece on. At that time I was an aspiring writer/editor for the now-defunct gaming website Binary Culture, and wrote pieces covering everything from sports, animation, and current events. It was a volunteer thing, but at that time I had been writing with those guys for 3 years and was loving every minute. As the years passed and real life intruded it became harder to and attract talent and write myself, and it didn’t help that I was at a bad time in my life and worried about what people thought about me/my work. It had gotten so bad I stopped writing altogether and took over Human Resources/Media Relations title of the site, which is the fancy way of saying I hired new writers and talked to company reps about getting demos/interviews/etc. After another year of “writing” for the also-defunct This Website Is So blog, the site shut its domain and we dispersed into the ether of the Web.

Flash forward to last week when I finally decided to try and write something, to Hell with what anyone else thinks. I just figured bottom line, when you spend over a decade writing pieces about video games, animation, politics and the like I don’t think you’re really supposed to care what people think of your work. There are multiple ways to interpret information, and no one way is right. I suppose that’s why I spent a week or so updating this, and with my limited knowledge of WordPress called this blog Binary Viewpoints: both as an homage to the site I spent over a decade of my life writing for and the views I expressed earlier in the paragraph. I’m going to try and re-discover my love of writing through the things I care about, and by taking things one day at a time maybe kick this writers’ block thing…


About The Frankman
Former Gaming/Animation Reviewer and writer of all things involving MLB/NBA/NFL. Now I occasionally write about the happenings of each area and about my life.

3 Responses to Remembering The Past To (hopefully) Move On

  1. Mac says:

    That’s a lot of “now defunct”s. Regardless, glad to see you writing again, looking forward to what you do.

  2. Linda says:

    Awesome! You’re writing again! Inspiring me to do the same. I have a WordPress blog too!

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