Jeff Francoeur Is Good At Looking Like Chris Redfield…

I read that yesterday Jeff Francoeur of the New York Mets had a meeting with Jerry Manuel before the game.  Francoeur (who has seen his production drop sharply in the last month and a half) has been messed up at the plate and seen a stark regression in his power numbers, getting so bad he went 25 games in-between doubles.  He had this to say to the media after the meeting but before the Saturday game vs. the Brewers:

I’ve let way too many people into my circle of trust…I listened to three people last year: Jerry, HoJo and Gary Sheffield…I’ve got to listen to HoJo and Jerry, and everybody else, I’m not going to be a [jerk] about it, I’ll take their advice and let it go in one ear and out the other…Right now I’m up at the plate and I’m thinking about six different things, and you can’t hit doing that.

What’s interesting is Mets’ Manager Jerry Manuel is the main person responsible for Francoeur’s torrid (i.e. completely unsustainable) start, making him swing at pitches a foot out of the strike zone in Spring Training.  The whole point of that exercise was to show him that his plate approach stunk and to take more pitches so he could swing at hittable pitches in batters’ counts.  Since the meeting Francoeur seemed to respond, going 6-9 with 2 doubles, 3 runs scored, 2 RBIs and 2 stolen bases.  Though it’s probably a coincidence that he’s hit well after his  talk, the more probable reason goes something like this:

Manuel: “You gotta open your hips up and stop swinging at pitches over your head, Jeff.”

Francoeur: “I know, but they look so good to swing at!”

Manuel: “Hey I got an idea. Jeff, I have an exercise for ya! You know Resident Evil 5?”

Francoeur: “Yeah, good series. I seen it a few-”

Manuel: “You need to make yourself look like Chris Redfield.”

Francoeur: “…”

Manuel: “Trust me, you start looking and thinking like him, your confidence will soar. Just imagine you’re wielding a knife and the ball is some Majini’s head. I guarantee you success at the plate.”

Francoeur: “Have you gone completely insane?”

Manuel: “ehhh … that’s a good question.  But then again I’m not going to have my job taken away from  me when Carlos Beltran comes back because of Angel Pagan’s play.”

Francoeur: “… I’m gonna have to buy styling gel to replicate Chris’s hair, won’t I?”

Jeff Francoeur during Saturday's game...

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5

So far their is no word if Jerry Manuel plans to have struggling pitcher John Maine and Oliver Perez look like Jill Valentine and Sheva Alomar.


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