The Boondocks Is a Fantastic Show and You’re A Bitch Ass N*gga If You Don’t Watch It

You guys might have heard already but on Sunday, May 2nd The Boondocks (one of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Most Controversial Cartoons) begins its 3rd season on [adult swim].  Unfortunately/ it will also mark the beginning of the end for the TV series, as it has been advertised as the shows’ final season.  Though rumor has it that Aaron McGruder may return to syndicated comics, nothing factual has come from McGruder himself.  Here are some interesting tweets which describe some of his thoughts on the situation:

# BTW, Sony has officially asked me to STOP referring to it as the last season. Hilarious… I think it’s kinda too late, now…
# For the record… Sony didn’t end the show. The show ending is no one’s fault (except, I guess, mine). Promise to explain later.
# People always ask if I’m gonna “pull a Chapelle”, like making one of the greatest shows of all time and retiring filthy rich is a bad thing.
# Believe me… I wish I could ‘pull a Chapelle’…

Not everyone shares his opinion, as Regina King (voice of Huey Freeman) has been very outspoken on the handling of the show by SONY Entertainment (she’s right, in my humble opinion).  If you haven’t seen the show before or catch a few episodes here and there, I implore the people of teh InterWeb to watch every single episode of what will be the greatest season of The Boondocks. Why?

  • Better Current Events material – More than any other season Season 3 can draw from a ton of events going on in the political/socioeconomic world. Oh yeah, did I mention the President is black?
  • Improved Animation – Madhouse LTD. (the Japanese animation studio behind such works as Ninja Scroll, Batman: Gotham Knight, and Death Note) has really stepped up their game and has made the colors stand out over past seasons, not to mention subtly adding crisp detail to the little things like eyes and mouths to enhance character expressions.  While the jump in animation quality from Season 1 to 2 was stark the show seemed to lose the facial qualities of the characters (pointy elbows, chins everywhere) from the comic/Season 1.
  • Great Music – This really goes without saying, but the same awesome music you expect from the series is even better in Season 3 with more collaborations by artists like Wil.I.Am and Jay Electronica.
  • Introduction of more characters from the comic? – It’s more of a rumor than fact, but various posts/vids seem to point to characters from the comic strip making their debuts while others getting some airtime (a.k.a Cindy McPhearson, who appeared in Season 2)

If you don’t believe anything I’ve said above, watch the trailer below and prepare to set your TiVO/DVR/VHS tape recorders (WTF VHS?):

Oh BTW peeps I apologize for my comment in the title … just as long as you watch/record the premiere Sunday. 😀