I Hate Having Hope, Mets GM Omar Minaya Hates Flying Coach … I Think

So I’m playing the Blur Demo on PSN (great racing game, DL the demo or buy it today!) when I look up and notice it’s 4 PM and the Mets are playing. So of course the minute I switch over I find it’s a 4-4 game in the 6th is themoment Blake DeWitt cranks a hanging R.A. Dickey knuckleball into the Wrigley jetstream for a 3-run homer, and a 7-4 Cubs lead. Against my better judgment I kept watching as the Mets pecked away at the deficit. David Wright cranked a solo shot against the wind in the 7th, and light-hitting Luis Hernandez followed suit with his 1st ML homer in the 8th to make it 7-6 going into the 9th. As the Cubs brought in Carlos “Creole Lady” Marmol I wondered why I like torturing myself with the belief the Mets could come back, since the script would play out to give fans a little hope before the eventual loss. Sure enough, Wright flied out to the warning track in center, Ike Davis struck out looking at three nasty sliders, and the free-swinging Joaquin Arias walked. Tying run on, and a gapper would certainly score the speedy Arias. Josh Thole lines one to pretty deep left … directly at LF Tyler Colvin. Mets lose 7-6, I curse myself for believing in a lost season.

So after taking my frustration out on my online opponents in Warhawk (another great online PS3 game), I later find this article on Deadspin , which you can read here detailing one fans’ take on his trip to Chicago. Long story short: guy goes on flight to Chitown, sees Omar Minaya (?). Heckling ensues…

Really, Omar? Seriously?

Of course I can’t verify all his claims, or if that really was Omar Minaya (did the guy buy his camera at CVS?). But I will say a few of the comments were pretty awesome…

Omar has had it with all these people pointin’ out his mother fuckin’ mistakes on this mother fuckin’ plane!

Yeah, I don’t know, sort of looks like NONE of those passengers in the picture are Mets fans making a “pilgrimage” to Wrigley. And I’m betting you actually just said something to the guy next to you, and he smiled uncomfortably, not knowing what you were talking about but just assuming that if he humored you he could finish his article about Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan foreign relations in The Economist.